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Z Tribute Complete


This tribute stick honors the career and life's work of All-American John "Z" Zulberti. Easily one of the most iconic players of the past 100 years, Z brought an unforgettable style to the game. Widely known as the Godfather of Wall Ball, he played with precision and accuracy rarely seen, even by todays standards. 

The Z Complete uses a color scheme that pays homage to both his high school days at West Genny and record breaking days at Syracuse. Features a Genny blue head with athletic gold shooter and burnt orange sidewall and top string pops. Z's most iconic fashion move was wearing bright orange Chuck Taylors while he played the game. So we threw a burnt orange end cap on there to symbolize that memorable fashion move.  

The Z Complete is a navy Pioneer II Attack head with a grey Frontier Mesh pocket hand strung by a certified Powell Craftsman using the signature pattern. The head sits atop an silver Switchback '23 in the Switchedback position. 

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