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Rip Tape


For decades lacrosse players have used standard rolls of athletic and hockey tape on their sticks. Rip Tape addresses some of the issues those regular rolls present and brings a more function focused product to players around the world. 

Uniquely woven to allow for a straight edge and clean rip upon application. Extra strength adhesive prevents edges from rolling up which keeps down the "gluey" residue that comes with the old school tape. This will help lengthen the life of your glove palms.

Each 33' roll is made using a slightly thicker cloth to provide a velvety hand feel. Rip Tape is also 1/2" wider than traditional rolls for more handle coverage out of one roll. The more robust hand feel from the thicker cloth also creates check absorbing coverage that will help save your shaft.  

 "Stick with rip tape, it's on a roll." -Custy Custerton

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