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Dye It String It Kit

The Rules 
  1. Let your imagination run wild. Dye and string the Powell head using the materials provided. 
  2. Take a photo of your work and post it on Instagram with #dyeitstringit
  3. You will automatically be submitted into the contest


Must be submitted by May 31st.


4 finalists will be announced June 4th then the winner will be voted on by our followers on social media.


If you select an Alula Women's head you will receive a piece of Armor Mesh instead of Frontier Mesh.


The winner will be announced June 10th and they will receive a $250 gift card to

Package Includes:
Unstrung head of choice
1 piece of Frontier Mesh
Enough string to string the stick
4 random colors of RIT dye
Powell sticker pack
1 vinyl sheet
Contest instruction sheet

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