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Build The Stick Of Your Dreams

Build The Stick Of Your Dreams

Lacrosse is unique and so are the people that play it. We’ve witnessed the game explode in popularity over the past 30+ years and there’s no ceiling in sight. The women’s game is absolutely crushing right now with more and more young athletes participating than ever before. The men’s game continues it’s steady rise and that’s predicted to continue as it becomes an official olympic sport. Lacrosse is destined to soon become a truly global game played by millions.

This type of growth is certainly exciting. Knowing that people all over the world will soon be experiencing the incredible joy, that only lacrosse and its community can provide, makes us smile. However, it’s important for all of us who deeply care about the game to make sure that we do not severe the line that connects us to the history. After all, the origin of this game is what makes it so special. Without the history, lacrosse would just be another sport.

With this in mind, we feel a responsibility, as modern stick manufacturers, to support the creative spirit and hands on craftsmanship that exists inside the culture. Although commonly used modern sticks feature plastic heads on metal/composite shafts, they still share a bond with the earliest examples. That bond is in art of stringing and the power of personalization. We’ve mentioned previously how we view lacrosse sticks, not as a piece of sports equipment, but as companions.

custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse

From our experience we’ve noticed that great sticks and great players develop a strong relationship over the course of a season. A bond grows as both the player and the stick start to mold into one another. The player gets used to the sticks little quirks and learns about how it reacts to different temperatures, weather conditions and game play. The player can adjust their technique/form to fit the sticks capabilities until they find that comfort zone. The stick, on the other hand, will get worn in that particular players heavily used areas.

Now this may seem a bit over romanticized, but we really do believe that players and their sticks, after lots of use, will become one. And therefore, it’s important for us to provide as many options as we possibly can so that a player can find their perfect companion. The beautiful thing about this is that lacrosse sticks aren’t one size fits all. One player’s absolute favorite stick might not be appreciated by his/her line mate. Sticks are personal. This led us to a very fun and vivid place - introducing StickTown.


custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse

At it’s core, StickTown, is a design platform that promotes creativity, fosters self expression & celebrates the art of stick building. The online component exists in the form of an artful web based stick builder. The program gives the builder ultimate control and a multitude of options to build the stick of their dreams. We aim to be a resource for lacrosse players and provide the tools that will make them the player that they want to be - this led us to building the most robust customizer lacrosse has ever seen. Let your imagination run wild.  “Choose Your World” and let it inspire you. 


custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse

From the tip of the scoop to the base of the end cap - it’s all up to you.

Literally thousands of options and configurations. Aside from the wide array of colors and products is the option to engrave your handle as the last step of the build. 


Aside from the design flexibility that StickTown provides, we’ve built out the back end to streamline the process and make sure that your stick is built with care. Our team of certified craftsman begin building your stick as soon as the order is placed and it’s guaranteed to be shipped out within two business days! StickTown is all about efficiency and making sure that your stick gets in your hands as soon as possible so you can play this amazing game and get to know your new companion.



Now A Live Location

StickTown doesn’t end on the web. We’re are also thrilled to announce the launch of the StickTown Showroom! We invite anyone looking to try out Powell Sticks to visit our loft location here at 11 Pottery Road in Chittenango NY (M-F between the hours of 10am-3pm).

custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse

The StickTown Showroom is a live location that features over 150+ uniquely built complete sticks always in stock. Come get some inspiration and try out some of our demo sticks to find your perfect pal.

custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse
custom lacrosse stick sticktown powell lacrosse

We are here to be a resource for you locals or you lacrosse enthusiasts around the area on a road trip. Come on by, have some fun learning more about our new products and say hello!

Below is an instructional walk through the new platform.



This is just the beginning. Lots of big news and brand new product releases coming soon. If you have any questions please reach out to us at - we are here for you. 

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