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Play Like An Animal

Play Like An Animal

The smallest detail can make the biggest difference. We have a saying around here, “there’s big in the little”. It speaks to a mentality that celebrates the tiny details. Focusing on every little detail is what separates the good from the great.

When it comes to product design we always start with our “helmets on”. For the record, we don’t mean that literally, that would just be weird. What we do mean is that we’re all lacrosse players, so when we sit around the table to generate ideas around innovation, we look at it first through the eyes of players. What would we want? What would help us play better? How would the idea actually impact our in game performance? For us, this is the easiest and most natural place to start product development. Our strength is in our experience and our passion for playing.

As stick builders, our aim is to create reliable companions. The best sticks instill confidence. This may sound crazy, but we want our sticks to become invisible. The best players in the world don’t think about their sticks when that whistle blows. They aren’t thinking about their stacked shooter set up. They aren’t thinking about the flex of their composite shaft or how many grams their mesh weighs. Their stick is, simply put, an extension of themselves. When that first whistle blows to trigger the face off, the best players in the world become pure animals. The outside world fades away. It's just them, their pack and their prey. They’re alive inside the game and totally in the zone.

It was this way of thinking that led us into the wild. That animalistic switch that happens to the great ones. We’re proud to introduce the Wild Series, our all new limited edition handle and complete stick line made for the great ones. Driven purely by performance, this close family of products explodes with color and features an all new shaft shape for ultimate precision.

Without a doubt, one of the coolest parts of lacrosse equipment is the amount of personalization and self expression that exists in a players stick set up. We love this about the game and it’s a major reason that we do what we do. It’s not a one size fits all situation and that’s awesome! Players have different styles and they play different positions. Players have different preferences based on a multitude of factors. So when it comes to the profile of a shaft we have decided to grow our offerings.

The all new Wild Series has our most aggressive shape to date. Featuring deep concaving walls and pronounced ridges does a lot for the performance of the shaft. Our Switchback shaft, for example, is a classic rounded design for the players that find comfort in a traditional grip. The Ranger sharpens the edges a bit and introduces a slight concave that brings the handle into a modern profile. The War Elephant, Rain Dog and Bullet Hawk lean in hard on the modern shape and introduce a tightened radius that does more than just make it feel different. By bringing the shaft profile more towards the center it increases strength. The pronounced ridges increase stick control and the concave sides create depressions that literal puts the power into the hands of the possessor.

If you’re the type of player that is looking for a hand feel that is aggressive and geared for pin point accuracy - this is it.       


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